Thursday, June 1, 2017

Zine Review: DIOVIM issue #8

DIOVIM ZINE issue #8 (2014)
Diovim is a Lithuanian zine dedicated to extreme music and morbid art, founded in 2011. I’ve been in contact with the editor (who has said he prefers to remain anonymous) for a few years and traded for an issue or two, so I am familiar with the content and print quality. It’s been a while since I last heard from him (around 2013 if memory serves) and from what I remember the zine is a solo effort. I did additional research and found an interview at Qalaqas Black Art Productions/Webzine that you can read if interested in learning more about the editor’s involvement in the Lithuanian metal underground. From this interview he and I are on the same page regarding the mainstreamization of black metal and how the genre became self-parody when it broke aboveground. Whereas beforehand magazines and radio stations were afraid to touch it. Another thing I admire is the editor gives each band from his country and elsewhere in the world an equal chance to be heard regardless of their technical ability. I appreciate his position and there should be more editors like him in the U.S. instead of people who compete, backbite and gossip like they’re mentally stuck in high school. This issue of Diovim features interviews, extensive CD and zine review sections and several articles (one about vampires in various world cultures, one about the movie Hellraiser and another about Japanese tattooing techniques). There is also a fiction serialization continued from issue 6. All the text is printed in Lithuanian but there is an English printed table of contents on the final page. The bands interviewed in this issue include Wargasm, Throne Of Ahaz, Grave Disgrace, Black Citrus, Krabathor, Mortal Whsiper, Boiling Fetus and many others. The front cover art is designed by Adeline Martin and the back cover is photographed by Sinisa Trifunovic. -Dave Wolff

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