Monday, July 10, 2017

Video Review: SEX AND VIOLENCE World Wars III & IV by Dave Wolff

Recorded live at Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ. July 8, 2017
As a rule, I don’t particularly care for tribute bands. I personally feel there have been too many emulating their “heroes” in Long Island and elsewhere, which has allowed less room for original artists. Bands like Sex And Violence are a different story since its members knew Carnivore frontman Peter Steele (1962-2010) personally and they’re paying homage to his band on that basis. There is no effort to make a name for themselves by riding the coattails of Kiss, AC/DC or Ozzy and mimicking their chops onstage. Sex And Violence is fronted by bassist/vocalist Baron Misuraca (Desecrator, Darkside NYC, Vasaria); during a show they played at the local New Jersey club Dingbatz he was joined by drummer Joe Branciforte (Darkside NYC) and guitarist Marc Piovanetti who appeared on Carnivore’s second full length Retaliation and performed with them until they disbanded around 1990 and Steele formed Type O Negative. Besides the band’s intimate nature, I have known Baron, Marc and Joe since the late 80s and early 90s and attended shows by their respective outfits (Piovanetti also played with the Crumbsuckers in 1989). So all things considered, this band was something I would never have expected to happen and watching this video was much like an unrealized dream. I imagine some time had to pass before it happened out of respect and to make it clear it was not an attempt at exploitation. The live clip of Sex And Violence playing Carnivore’s classic World Wars III & IV and other live clips filmed at Dingbatz have been getting favorable responses from people who remember seeing Carnivore back in the day. They write that this show was much like a Carnivore show and it’s an honest tribute to an underrated band whose presence is felt to this day. To see these videos you can visit Baron and Marc on Facebook or click the links above. -Dave Wolff

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