Thursday, December 2, 2021

Full Length Review: Skat Injector "Bled Under A Burning Sky" (Slime City Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Skat Injector
Location: London
Country: UK
Genre: Speedcore
Format: Compact disc, digital album
Label: Slime City Records
Release date: December 1, 2021
Do you ever wonder what it would sound like if wolf girl combined with ghost mane well how long do you have to wait because this album is the perfect example of went to extreme sounds do it right together.
-Bled Under A Burning Sky by Skat Injector
And this is the latest 10 track well technically 23 include the 10 instrumental versions of new material by the band Skat Injector. And to be honest I have no idea what kind of riders gonna be in for but I’m glad I took the trip.
See you on the surface a lot of people in the state this album for your everyday noise experimental project. But when you dive deep into it it’s a whole lot more.
For example they know how to set up Atmosphere in a pretty dark like that see you there not afraid to take the music to that Darcy in inappropriate place that most bands don’t want to do, take it to extremes that other artists are too scared to go and in that boundary-pushing comes a level of greatness.
When it comes to the atmosphere I kind of get a hint of Godspeed You Black Emperor with its post-apocalyptic aesthetic and that ‘doomed’ sense of hopeless and despair that suffocates each and every track. But then as the tracks move forward that’s when we get the psychopathic worlds to collide of ‘Ghostmane’ and ‘Machine Girl’.
Ghostmane in that growling, deep vocal style combined with the screaming and aching over those more heavy metal/black metal-inspired instrumentation.
And then we have Machine Girl in the overload of noise, experimental, electronic combinations that prove fatally irresistible in this kind of setting.
All in all, this definitely won’t be one for everyone but will definitely attract the more ‘hardcore’ of the listeners who love to listen to that next big thing who just couldn’t care less about breaking every rule previously set before it!
Go check it out now (at your own desire). -Corban Skipwith

Zara Skumshot: Vocals, programming

Track list:
1. Graced By Searing Light
2. All Tomorrow's Genocides
3. As Predictions Realise
4. An Earth Cleansed With Flame
5. The Future Sound Of Suffering
6. Vanishes Rapidly
7. Obsidian Dawn
8. Cold Hard Deception
9. Unsustainable Devourment
10. Bled Under A Burning Sky
11. Graced By Searing Light (Instrumental)
12. All Tomorrow's Genocides (Instrumental)
13. As Predictions Realise (Instrumental)
14. An Earth Cleansed With Flame (Instrumental)
15. The Future Sound Of Suffering (Instrumental)
16. Vanishes Rapidly (Instrumental)
17. Obsidian Dawn (Instrumental)
18. Cold Hard Deception (Instrumental)
19. Unsustainable Devourment (Instrumental)
20. Bled Under A Burning Sky (Instrumental - Extended)

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