Saturday, December 18, 2021

Single/Video Review: In Somnia "Guillotine" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: In Somnia
Location: Lienz
Country: Austria
Genre: Progressive modern metal
Single: Guillotine
From the full length “Harlequin”, released independently November 11, 2021
Format: Streaming
Release date: December 11, 2021
You know what’s ironic? Literally not even 24 hours ago I was banned and had the GUILLOTINE dropped on my head but being the quick headed serpent tongue I came back within the hour and now I’m back with a single that will blow away your
-IN SOMNIA (Guillotine)
So what he have here is a single that dropped 5 days ago and just like the swift and precise blade of the guillotine drop they come in hard, bloody and decisively devastating when they fall upon the head of the listeners!
What I love if this song is the combination of technicality and brutality. You can tell this band has the genius and talent to pull of those intricate guitar work and those rhythmical drum patterns, I meant that’s not easy! Sure to someone who doesn’t have a love and passion for music or more specifically metal I’m sure all songs sound the same just ‘noise’ as they will say but for those who know their stuff you can hear how fluent they are and how they utilize that advanced instrumentation to their benefit and showcase just how masterful they are in production and individual instrument skills.
Over this 4:39 song I love how they also put care and effort into the lyrical side of things as it is noted in the YouTube description that they are comparing modern society and the guillotine and I think that’s again another sign of how relentless and smart this band is to focus on all aspects of the music and highlight their brains.
If you want to hear something special, something that you don’t listen to or see every day then look no further than right here! It’s got everything you could want in a song and it doesn’t overstay its welcome in length! It knows what it wants to be and fulfills all it needs to in the time frame it has! Love it!Corban Skipwith

Simon Andreas Brunner: Guitar, vocals
Andreas Wibmer: Guitar
Florian Bacher: Bass
Dominic Granegger: Drums

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