Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Poem: "Evoke." by Sky Claudette Soto

Sky Claudette Soto

And as Cedar burns evoking and summoning dieties.. from beyond the veil of a virtuous nature ,it's smoke prances ,dancing around us creating images of ancestry as guardian angels are sent in and called up from higher spiritual realms guiding us.. guiding us and giving us their hand.. their hands, that stretch forth onto our paths journey,bringing us forth a purification a cleansing a purging of our soul has been set forth upon us,as a bright light within us burst through our spirited soul our spirited soul's crown chakra violet in color with feelings of an emergence of our pineal gland awakening, grounding us into our root ,opening our heart and centering us as an explosion of our sacral opens ...opens us to an experience and an existence of a creative nature,evoking the most passionate states of mind .

Written by Sky Claudette Soto.
First American Publishing Rights only:2021

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