Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Poem: "Lone Wolf Poetics" by Tanner Reiss

Lone Wolf Poetics
Tanner Reiss

I’m in hiding
Biding my time
Praying these words of mine
Will not fall upon deaf ears.
My messages define fears
And grind gears.
Each stroke of my pen
Blends heartache and danger
To the point my hand shakes with anger
I have filled a garbage can
With broken pens!
When I sit down to write
I commit to a fight:
The page is my adversary
My vocabulary and weaponry
But take heed my adversary
I wish NOT to be legendary!
I simply have comments to be made
A small boat in an ocean I wade
Weaving and leaning a perfect meaning
I am constructing a structure
To resist your construct of destruction

To construct a hidden meaning
That does not exist!
This is m voice, a clenched fist
A kill shot that will not be missed!
Shot from a gun – my violent mind
That cried biblical tides
Hearing Brandon’s soul Leake
Every time he steps on stage to speak!
Some may think the poet’s liars,
But we ignite fires illuminating night
And spill horrors you blissfully ignore
These words, as beautiful as décor
Are my instruments of war!
These words, as beautiful as décor
Are my instruments of war
That is why I cannot be torn away
Why I prefer to spend time alone
Battling my emotions
And rattling words unto stone
I am a poetic lone wolf howling at the moon
Driven by the tune of all strife
That accompanies this thing called life
If my hope is to find a wife
I must marry my mistress
For I am forever indebted
To the call of white pages
Until they become indented
I am powerless against their coquetted allure.
Although I never intended for her love
To become cemented in rhyme, my love,
Our time will not be lamented.
This is my heart and soul, everything I own
Laid out bare upon a throne
So, take it with love and watch it grow,
Or let it die and turn to stone,
Whichever pleases your aesthetic
I will forevermore speak as
Lone Wolf Poetics!

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