Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Poem: "- Healthy & Sick -" by Daniel S. Crane

- Healthy & Sick -
Daniel S. Crane

I Wish I Could Clean
These Streets Up
You Are Only As
Healthy As You Feel
Why Have I
Been Able To
Call You Once
And Never Get
Your Calls Back?
You Are All
The Same
Cold And Distant
(I Still Think I am Sick)
Do You Think
I am Sick?
You Don't
Have To
Answer Me...
Look At
The Woman
In The Window

You're Driving Past
The Place
You Know
Where Your
Love Is
You Think
I Don't Know
Where You Are
You Must Think
I am Really

I am God's
Lonely Man
A Lone Man
In A Long
Continuous Change
And Now
A Change

.44 Magnum
In My Pocket
Do You Know
What It Could
Do To A...

6pm to 6am
Every Night
Every Day
I Have a Healthy Conscience
Real Clean

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