Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Single Review: Dayglo Abortions "What_s For Breakfast" (Fringe Product, God Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Dayglo Abortions
Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Country: Canada
Genre: Hardcore punk
Single: What_s For Breakfast
From their upcoming album "Hate Speech"
Format: Digital, streaming
Label: Unrest
Release date: December 10, 2021
Man, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Punk track and what a track to continue the vibe with! We have legendary Canadian Punk rockers
Dayglo Abortions and their latest single “What_s For Breakfast”
I really like this track, it’s short and brutal just like the way classic Punk songs use to be! Remember back in the day banging some Black Flag or some spooky Misfits? Hell if you want to go to a more fun route what about banging Devin Townsend’s debut saturated tongue and checking the punk album “Punky Bruster- Cooked On Phonics”.
My point being, back in the day when Punk Rock was fast, edgy, fun and violent! And this is where this track stands!
What we have here is a song playing on the cliché idea of a mother feeding her children but using the subject of drug abuse and I love the way they spin the topic because it makes for an interesting, introspective use of tongue and cheek which makes the lyrics feel equal parts serious and dark and funny and saturation.
For a song that’s barely over 1:40 this track really slaps, the vocals are scattered and frantic! The instrumentation has that nostalgia feel of the classic 80’s and early 90’s of Punk which makes that bittersweet feel that much more sweet!
Please, please please go check this track out! Corban Skipwith

Murray (The cretin) Acton: Guitar, lead vocals
Matt Fiorito: Guitar, backup vocals
Mike Jak: Guitar
Scott Henderson: Bass
Blind Marc: Drums
Rob Lawless: Drums on smart food
Matt Jak & Carmen Jak: Backup vocals
Terry Paholek: Fact checking & debunking

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