Saturday, January 14, 2023

Full Length Review: Goreworm "Prodigy of the Grotesque" (CDN Records) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Goreworm
Location: Brantford, Ontario
Country: Canada
Genre: Technical death metal
Format: Digital album
Label: CDN Records
Release date: June 12, 2020
Another tape I snagged was “Prodigy of the Grotesque” by Goreworm. This is yet again another pro-tape that is put together quite nicely. The packaging and insert are both professional grade and the cassette itself is a unique and vibrant orange.
Featuring 10 tracks of pure gold I would suggest this one to fans of death metal on the technical and melodic side. Intricate guitar riffs and very tight programmed drums (I only knew the drums were programmed from reading the insert) mix together with aggressive low-pitched gutturals and high shrieks to make for a listen that is quite enjoyable—and the head-banging that happens while enjoying this really needs no mention.
This is the first release I got from CDN Records. I actually got this one from the Ontario based label Death by Digital—but I will for sure check into CDN a bit more the next time I am making a tape order. So what are you waiting for? Snag this pile of carnage and let the heaviness consume you like winds of plague. I don’t remember the exact price of this cassette but I do know that it was around seven dollars Canadian or so (or less). So for the price of a few coffees I’d say this would be a great addition in the collection of death metal heads worldwide. And again…the tape is just so pretty! Cop it! -Devin J. Meaney

Jesse Suess” Vocals
Brent Moerschfelder: Guitars
Jordan Estrela: Guitars
Derek Gibbs: Bass, guitars
Sean Bruce: Drums

Track list:
1. Abolish Mankind
2. Disgraced Perversion
3. Extreme Makeover: Facelift Edition
4. Trepidation
5. Grave for the Traitors
6. Homemade Mortuaries
7. Ditch Pig
8. Engulfed by the Flames
9. Taste of the Deceased
10. Prodigy of the Grotesque

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