Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'Remember when' by Jeremy Void

Remember when
by Jeremy Void

Remember when
we had lives
and we could go out
into the world
and live them

Remember when there
was a pandemic
and our lives were halted
and everyone everywhere
got locked inside
for as long as I can remember

Remember when they
poked us with
a needle so that
everything could go back
to normal but still
with realistic wariness
because socializing has become
alien and I can’t remember
any of my friends’ names
or faces
or interests
or anything

and now I stare out my window
wanting to leave my home
just for an evening
but I forgot how to
go outside
and I’m scared of everything
and everyone
and I feel hopeless
and alienated
and I forgot how to be
an actual human being
I’ve always been

an anxious person
but now it’s worse

Remember when they told us
the world was ending and I
believed them
and now they say
the world is back to normal
but I know it’s all a setup
because it hasn’t ended fast enough
but I believe

it already has
We’re all just too dumb and stubborn
to see it for

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