Saturday, January 14, 2023

Full Length Review: Xeno Ooze "Slimewave" (Independent) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Xeno Ooze
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Country: USA
Genre: Death metal, grindcore, sludge metal
Full length: Slimewave
Format: Digital album
Label: Independent
Release date: December 18, 2020
“Slimewave” by XenoOoze! A pro-tape put out by Bloody Scythe Records from Arizona, USA! This tape actually intrigued me enough to check out more from Bloody Scythe Records but as BSR uses the American dollar I will refrain from ordering from them (the exchange rate and shipping is intense). None the less I would throw it out there to any Americans reading this that they seem to be quite the nifty label…but back to XenoOoze!
First and foremost I have to point out the eerie atmosphere that adorns this entire album. The music is extremely heavy but I think the selling point is the vibes it gives off while you are listening. Aside from the “slimy” aura presented something else worth mentioning is the overall tightness of the tracks. The percussion is spot on and at times almost sounds like a jack-hammer! The vocals are disgusting (in a good way) and pretty much everything else about this release is on par. One thing I will mention is that the track titles are kind of cheesy. With titles like “Ooze It or Lose It” and “Deus Ex Machinooze” I was expecting something that was almost comical…but the tracks are all grotesquely atmospheric and seem quite serious.
As for the cassette itself it is a clear/slime green and overall it is one of my favorite tapes I bought recently. An instant win in my collection—I would suggest this to anyone who wants to listen to something that is excessively loud and “elegantly gross”! -Devin J. Meaney

Oozimus Slaximus: Seer & Prophet of Slime
Father Fungus: Archbishop of the Unholy Ooze
Sludgehammer Slimeblast: God of Goo

Track list:
1. Deus Ex Machinooze
2. Gouroboros
3. Root & Phlegm
4. Gnarciscyst
5. Twilight of the Idyll
6. Ooze it or Lose it
7. Thy Kingdom Scum
8. Radical Putrefaction
9. Swillbirth
10. Nauseam A.D.

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