Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'They Can't Kill Me' by Judge Santiago Burdon

They Can't Kill Me
by Judge Santiago Burdon

They can't kill me
Although many have tried
All disappointed by the results
When they discovered
I had survived
The Police and gangsters,
Mexican and Colombian
And even Drug Dealers I failed to pay
Ex-husbands of women, Ex-girlfriends that felt betrayed
Car accidents and a plane crash
But I walked away
I've lived through Earthquakes Hurricanes Volcanic eruptions
Even Tornadoes that caused devastating destruction
I've been bitten by Scorpions
a Brazilian Wandering Spider
A Rattlesnake and Jelly Fish
All painful reminders
Survived Prostate Cancer
A Sepsis Infection
causing a 30 day coma
Tuberculosis when I was just a kid
Two heart attacks and Double Pneumonia
Maybe now you'll understand
And may possibly believe
They can't kill me I'll never die
Due to my immortality


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