Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'Sugarmama' by Judge Santiago Burdon

by Judge Santiago Burdon

I need a sugar mama, someone to take care of me
let me drink in the bar, drive her Porsche car
watch her big screen TV
when my pockets don't jingle
She'll always spot me a couple of bucks
She'll never ask where I've been
but when I do come in
she can always count on my love
as long as her checks don't bounce
she doesn't have to be pretty
Beauty is nothing money can't buy
I can picture me in her Jacuzzi
living the easy life
Say I'm a fool for money
I've been a bigger fool for love
Why should I give it away
when I can make it pay
and enjoy working overtime
Not worried about nickels and dimes
I need me a sugar momma
take me under her wing
I'll kiss her hand
I'll say yes ma'am
won't curse in front of her friends
We'll vacation down in Barbados
getting suntanned on her yacht
with a beer in my hand
I'll think of my friends
and everything they ain't got
I'll be happy believe it or not
Sugar mama I'll do just what I'm told
Sugar Mama I'll be your country boy gigolo
I'll throw away my boots and jeans
Shave and wear a Tuxedo.
even learn the Tango
and teach you how to
Cotton Eye Joe.
Sugar momma take me home.

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