Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'I hold them inside' by Steven Michael Pape

I hold them inside
by Steven Michael Pape

I hold them inside my beating heart,
Remembering the good times,
And the many sad years apart,
The inscribed stone,
A fresh bunch of lilies,
I talk through the earth,
On every single visit.
Leaving incense smouldering,
Into the Autumn breeze,
Transcending my thoughts,
That disappear with the wind,
Past the resting places,
Of God's little babes,
The windmills & teddies,
That distraught Parents have made,
Through the ornate gates,
Where so many have passed,
Past the statues and crosses,
That were built to last.
All of us with the memories,
That where there at the start,
We'll always hold these thoughts,
Inside our beating hearts.

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