Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'Devil' by Jeremy Void

by Jeremy Void

The world is spinning
I stare into the abyss

I watch as the colors
of a fading bliss

transform deeply
through devious

means of madness
Shadowed by comfort

I walk a fine line
besmirching my genius
Wallowing in what
some have succumb to

in a world of fear
vanity & pride

My eyes burn with
delight as I stab my throat

time&time again
The blood coats

the brown leather sofa
as I peer into

a manic dreaminess
Draped with death

I walk largely across
the bony cobblestones

My thoughts stunted
like we’ve surpasses

the lines of normality
I play ball

with the soldiers from
forbidden throngs

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