Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'Fluffy White Lies!' by Rich Orth

Fluffy White Lies!
by Rich Orth, 09/06/2022 7:05pm

Little fluffy white lies
urging existence
fulfilling needs
purging resistance
distilling feeds
A cure-all
for wicked little things
Yes, fluffy white lies
This beacon....
No, bacon of conversation
delicious, somewhat salacious
Yes...fluffy white lies
How they tie
a story
into knots
...or to a desired end
How supportive
these fluffy little friends
can be...
who can resist
like lemon twist or just as easily
stabbing tongue
takes an evil tryst
and fluffy white lie
into its nasty little
black cloud of despair
So, keep it real
Keep it cuddly
Cause those
little fluffy white lies
if you so chose
help you to survive

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