Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: Untitled by M Teresa Clayton

by M Teresa Clayton

Innocence silenced by one who thought
She resembled someone she was not,
Exacting end with that one bullet shot
The horror, the pain, the grief he has brought…

A child, unafraid, full of life, carefree,
Mistaken target, a casualty,
Her life ended with such profanity,
And the people called it a tragedy.

Put the weapon down,
Put the weapon down.
Silence the weapon’s sound
Before a tragedy is found
Lying on the ground.
Put the weapon down.

She was a child, learning to be
Learning to look and how to see
Darkness now covers the beauty
Of a child who once saw blue skies,
Now learning how an angel flies
From here into heavenly eternity.

We remember the place,
We remember her face,
Of the child that we cannot erase;
Innocence died, and cannot be replaced.

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