Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'Wolf Song' by Kay Irvin

Wolf Song
by Kay Irvin

New starlight glistens
Wise moon spell listens
Pack is restless and prowls
Pitch-dark unveils rise
Wild wakes midnight eyes
Illumination howls

There will be loyalty
There will be intensity
I will burn through you
And you will burn through me
Old souls will once again be

Breeze carries bouquet
Closer ... circles bay
Shapeshifters throw shadows
Heartbeats stead mirro
Nearer and nearer How deeply pulse echoes

She-wolf must find mate
Cold night must celebrate
Song will uplift its head
Breath will spray from mouths of red
And our deathless love will free
Old souls will once again be

Moon spell never knows end
Timeless eyes ever suspend
Burning, glowing
Sweet blood flowing

(c) Kay Irvin

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