Sunday, January 15, 2023

Full Length Review: Pharmacist "Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition" (Black Hole Productions) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Pharmacist
Country: Japan
Genre: Death metal, goregrind
Format: Digital album, vinyl, vinyl picture disc, cassette (sold out)
Release date: August 14, 2020
“Medical Renditions of Grinding Decomposition” by Pharmacist! I have listened to this album before but I recently copped it on cassette from Death by Digital so I decided to give it another review. The tape is a pro-tape from Acid Redux Productions and the cassette itself is a glossy gold.
Featuring 9 tracks of old-school sounding patho-gore this one is a sure-fire way to unleash some aggression and head banging. Down-tuned guitars mesh together with pitched vocals and outstanding riffs and percussion—and I guess the main thing I need to mention is that this one is for fans of early Carcass. It has strong “Symphonies of Sickness” vibes and while listening you wonder what would have happened with Carcass if they had kept their original sound.
The cover for this has a classical goregrind feel and once again even with the art the Carcass vibes are strong. I don’t know much about Acid Redux (though I have heard of them constantly through the Gore Grinder account on YouTube and other places) but with releases like this under their belt I’d have no problem giving them a bit of business in the future.
In conclusion these 9 bursts of pure pathological awesomeness have struck a chord with me and this tape will get many plays in my deck. I know Pharmacist has other albums and splits so within the horizons of the near future I will spend some time journeying forward to listen to some more of this great act! -Devin J. Meaney

Pharmacist: Guitars, bass, vocals
Therapeutist: Drums

Track list:
1. Gardening On Human Soils
2. Cadaveric Osseous Stalactite
3. Gastronomic Spoiled Courage
4. Fumes Of Exhumation
5. Corporal Colophony Nectar
6. Innards Saponification In Moderate Conditions
7. Eulogy Of Pathological Surgery
8. Decrepit Peristaltica
9. Emphasize Forensic Phenomena Conclusion

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