Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CD Review: BURDIZZO Acoustic Neuroma (Independent) by Simon Brown

Describing themselves as experimental grindcore, Canada’s Burdizzo delivers a style very rooted in crust punk with nu metal tendencies. Production wise, everything is audible and neither over or under produced. Vocals are very much in a hardcore styling whilst the guitars produce riffs suitable enough to keep the listener entertained. As one would expect, lyrical themes cover everything from anti-capitalism, the media, consumerism, violence and the like. The song lengths are kept to a minimum, keeping within the grindcore style. Nothing on this album particularly stands out however. There are no bad songs, the drumming is impressive and there is nice variation between fast and slow riffs. “Beholden” is probably the best track on this release although it tends to become a bit repetitive. There could be a bit more definition in the mid-section production wise, though for grindcore, this is not to be expected. The main problem, besides similarities between each song, is the playing is at times sloppy. This is due to the nu-metal tendencies of this recording. I really want to enjoy this release, but the album trails off further towards the end. Hopefully on subsequent recordings, more care will be taken in both composition and performance. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. A Huge Fan Of Grindcore
2. Mistress
3. Irrelevent
4. No Song For You
5. First World Malaise
6. Blame Shifter
7. Beholden
8. Media Frenzy
9. Benign
10. Own Your Enemy
11. Netflixxx and Kill
12. Inauspicious
13. Jesus Christ Keep Going

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