Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'The Nature Of Mankind' by Eric Forsberg

The Nature Of Mankind


are flesh and bone and love

glued in place by 13 billion years of neutrons exploding out of stars
like celestial puppets
here to entertain a bored and ancient universe

our lives
our scattered lives
so precious
and immense
living at the speed of light
a burst of unrequited consciousness that craves…
the purpose of its own creation

so we go on
piecing together the meat of our meager and momentary existence - one muscle at a time
one cell at a time
breathing in the stuff that we are made from with a hungry lust
and suturing the parts together
a desperate attempt to self-construct this meat into one whole and vital being

sentient of ourselves
we stitch up our tissues bit by bit
each part a piece of us
the ingredients that form who and what we are
made from our time on earth
our dreams and goals and oh so many loves
sewn at wrist and ankle – neck and lungs
into the shape that we believe we were meant to be
as if there was a meaning
a meaning that we crave
a meaning that we pray is there

and so like Frankenstein we walk amongst our fellow self-constructed monsters
each of us a piecemeal of our pasts
each on quests to find those last few precious chunks that we still lack
so they too might be sutured on
to make us finally complete

yet all this time the clock is ticking
on our youth
our bodies
our potential
and our lives
just like the sun we came from
just like the substances from which we all are formed
the matter that flows through everything
but when that ultimate super-nova inevitably arrives
and we are all blasted into space as atoms once again
we will finally merge as one
one massive burst of light
one giant soul
like God himself
but in place of God it will be all of us together
the energy of the cosmos

no name

no separation

no sentient sense of loss or gain

just us



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