Saturday, February 18, 2017

CD Review: V/A Obscure Chaos Zine Chapter I: Awakening the Witch (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Obscure Chaos Zine Chapter I: Awakening the Witch
Many of the independently released compilations I have reviewed included long active bands that I was hearing of mid-career. This compilation features bands I have been in correspondence with for some time, namely Asphyxiator, Axemaster, Christfuck, Day Of Doom, Dirigiri, Mortuus Sum and Reign Of Terror. These bands and more were gathered for the first ever compilation from New York, USA’s Obscure Chaos Zine, published by long time u/g supporter Kat Brackett. When I review compilations, the overall feeling I get from them is equally important to the bands, their contributions and the production quality. The feeling I get from Chapter I: Awakening The Witch is the vibrancy of 80s thrash/power compilations and 90s death/black metal comps (such as the Death Is Only The Beginning series). The twenty-one tracks here lead me to remember when I introduced Long Island to the network of underground metal and its rare treasures as a staff writer for local music papers, regardless of where the wind was blowing at the time. More than this it reminds me of spending time at a friend’s house being introduced to new bands, developing a liking for them without additional input from magazines or radio stations. This personable atmosphere is what makes the compilation work as it takes you on a journey through masterfully executed thrash, death metal, black metal and progressive metal. There seems to be less concern here with breaking new ground in favor of spreading word about bands on a one to one basis, and the mix speaks of freshness as if you’re a new fan hearing your first bands. Along with the bands I referred to, LI’s Prime Evil (one of the area’s oldest thrash bands since 1986) and the United Kingdom’s Hecate Enthroned are included here, giving this compilation a cognizant push. Life is taken from Hecate Enthroned’s 2013 full length Virulent Rapture, and Cannibal God is from Prime Evil’s 2015 full length Blood Curse Resurrection. These are two bands who haven’t been corrupted by mainstream trends as their selections show. The other bands that left an impression on me are Abvulabashy, Corners Of Sanctuary, Debauched Beauty, Homicidal Assault, Lyra and Pontifex: all promising bands you should check out on this release. I imagine it won’t be long before we hear the second installment of this series. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Abvulabashy - Total Extinction Ov The Judeo Christian God
2. Asphyxiator - Inhaling Fluids Of Thoracentesis
3. Axemaster - Bed Of Nails
4. Braindead - Behind The Mask Of Sanity (Re-Mix)
5. Christfuck - Anima Satanas
6. Corners Of Sanctuary - Victoria
7. Dargonomel - Aza And Azael
8. Day Of Doom - Lust For Blood
9. Debauched Beauty - Remember 911
10. Dirigiri - Bone Collector
11. Dismal Chant - A Lightless Sanctuary
12. Hecate Enthroned – Life
13. Homicidal Assault – Compulsion
14. Jotunheim – Fimbulwinter
15. Lyra - Servants Of Fate
16. Mortuus Sum - War Proclamation
17. Pontifex - Sepulcher Of Eternal Darkness
18. Prime Evil - Cannibal God
19. Reign Of Terror - Summon The Holocaust Winds
20. Three Knuckles Deep - Shadows Lurking
21. W.E.B. - Eligos

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