Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CD Review: DEAD CONSPIRACY Self Titled (Necromantic Press Records) by Simon Brown

Necromantic Press Records
Portland, USA’s first-ever death metal band returns with an old-school death metal release in the spirit of Unleashed, Amon-era Deicide and Illdisposed. From the opening track “Blood Everywhere” the listener is treated to a breakneck speed assault of an instantly enjoyable riff fest. The solos shine through as they should in this release and the production is perfect without being overdone. Some impressive blasting and bass work on the track “The Earth Rots in a Grave” countered by doom riffs which showcase diversity. There is no pretense about this band as they play a form of death metal with passion which is sorely missed in the modern era. The tremolo picking is kept at a frenetic pace throughout this album but isn’t overdone. Nuanced tempo changes from this band show many melodic acts they have much to learn. “Antietam/Vultures Feeding” stands out due to the piano introduction quickly overtaken by a solid thrash piece which progresses into familiar death metal. This 9 track LP may not be the longest by means of track lengths but is of good quality. Released via Necromantic Press, highly recommended. Dead Conspiracy will be available through the band on vinyl and digital formats. Exile Musik will release the album on cassette. CDs featuring the 1987 demo and a cover track recorded for Tribute To Headhunter Death Cult will be available in Brazil by Funeral Rites Records. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Blood Everywhere
2. In The Wake Of The Butcher
3. The Earth Rots In A Grave
4. Cruelty Through Ripping Torture
5. Born Again Massacre
6. Antietam / Vultures Feeding
7. The Edge Of Darkness
8. Crawling Dread
9. Paralyzed With Terror

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