Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Power Of The Devil’s Loom' by Natasa Nikolic

Power Of The Devil’s Loom

I feel the fire, can you feel it too?
You smell of death and I will come to you
to rejoice in the madness, the dark light so clear
the world spins around us, it’s nighttime, I fear

Alluring deceit, takes the mask of beauty
beware of wretch that will bring about your fate
sooner than thought, all the blood we shall gain
visible and flowing, a prelude to pain

Not willing but doubtful, won’t you come too?
The streets of sin are forever satisfying
Paint the moon red and prepare for the feast
In all of eternity, bring out the beast!

I revel in their screams, I adore their cries
Let the essence flow, soon the words shall perish
in all of this land, only you and me
in the best of altars, for all the world to see

Exhausted from the pain, standing in the middle
the mountain of cries still haunts me now
What is this kind of trick, is someone there?
Yet soaking and gasping, I cry over remains

Puddles turn into corpses, a glimpse of flying ghosts
Everything shines and the hills are barren
By fear instilled, with shadows, alone
Make it stop, take me away, no more!

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