Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Fog' by Abyss Forgottentomb

Poem 1 of Chapter 1 of Mutism : The Shadow's Shadow 

Swallowing the landscape around , making you blind ,
An other cage is corrupting your mind ,
Nothing is plain before your eyes , all around ,
Even the sailors can't go through , let me out !
Such a frozen ghost squeezing your soul ,
Try to escape like a lost animal ,
Where is the daylight , where is the bitten sun ?
The Master of Illusion is now taking control .
Humid air blowing like the Father Autumn ,
Strong opacity getting you lost in the wind ,
Don't walk away , do not run ,
You will lose your way if you try to get the sun .
Lost shadows as grey as sorrow ,
The fog is a spirit taking away an other tomorrow ,
Drawing dark days on fading faces ,
Making you believe you will get new chances ,
New chances to run away from it .
But you live in a cage of illusion ,
Persuading yourself your heart is not suffering from corrosion ,
Your spirit is deteriorated like a ghost in a shell ,
The fog is back to send your hopes in hell

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