Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Mad Existence' by Jerry Langdon

Mad Existence
By Jerry Langdon, 2017

The night at its stillest
Lie at deep rest
In darkness at its dreariest.
Something in the halls stirred
More sensed than heard.

To my feet I took
Prowling a would be crook
Intending to steal a look.
The feeling impossible to fight
That something was all but right.

Naught crossed eye nor touched an ear.
"Oh dear," I laughed "What did I fear?"
Clearly, naught as I pierced the drear.
Though I was not alone
I felt it in every bone.

Something wicked dwelled the shadows.
Felt the noose dangle on the gallows,
Swaying in ghostly winds through the hallows.
Pulling ever so tight
In the dark of night.

Every step on nails driving deep,
Hunting down some invisible creep
That had compromised my keep.
Fear; my will bled
All sound but pounding heart dead.

Made my way to where my love still lie.
Candlelight but a subtle sigh
Whispering a death cry.
A shadow darker than sin
Tore my beloved from her skin.

That grin etched in my head.
As it left her there dead.
Remember how the darkness bled.
Still I hark the silence
That drove me to this mad existence.

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