Wednesday, February 22, 2017

EP Review: MISERIST Self Titled (Krucyator Productions) by Simon Brown

Krucyator Productions
Australian blackened death outfit Miserist deliver a blackened death wall of sound in the vein of Bephelgor, Abominator, Dark Funeral, Marduk and others. Production wise, the listener is reminded of Funeral Mist, however guitars, bass and drums are mixed very clearly. The variation in speed between the self-titled track of this 6 track EP and the song VIII immediately captures attention. This is interspersed with lightning fast tremolo to maintain the blackened death sound. What is curious is the vocals have been intentionally placed far behind the mix. The listener will struggle to find any vocals on this release but they are there sparsely. Lyrically, themes of apocalypse are prevalent with sampling used throughout this release. Dissonant tonality from the guitars are a feature of this band’s style. The resulting sound conjures images of early Thorns played at high speed. This is a release which may take a few listens to fully appreciate but may very well be worth the patience. “Lung Rust” is definitely a standout track along with “Horror Infinitum.” Released via French label Krucyator Productions. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Skin, Mold & Flame
2. Miserist
4. Horror Infinitum
5. Lung Rust
6. Narikuntu

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