Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Salutem in mortis' by Omesh Darkchild Crasher

Salutem in mortis
By Omesh Darkchild Crasher

50 thousands shells, dropping to my right
50 thousand more, falling at my feet
A 100 thousands souls, crying in defeat
And its already time, to get in and repeat

Come to me oh children of humanity
Let me hold you close and do you some charity
Body reaping, blood harvest, flesh feasting insanity
Burning humans one by one, to set my halls alight
It makes me smile at the site of flesh decaying
Putrid corpses piling at the gates of divination
Scraping through the dirt you seek your salvation
Time is of but a mere dream you’re forever in damnation

Let it rain, as they set the sky aflame
And darkness sinks around you, seeping through your flesh
Because death hurts and so are the ways of your repulsive flesh
Your life as you know it is coming to an end! Refresh humanity!

Sweet children close your eyes, this will only hurt immensely as the bullets penetrate
One line as they hit your vitals quite straight
Aggressive natured psychopaths govern how I live
Not for long, you belong where the bullets set you free
Pyromaniacal prophet fucking narcissist, you call me names that I adore
Fire breathing, 7 headed flesh loving hydra beast, come upon and feast
On the meal that I prepared, plans to have this earth repaired
Human fucking scum removed on plans for complete cleansing.

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