Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Incubus/Succubus' by M Teresa Clayton


It will wait again, for me tonight
In the stealth of the blackest night
The new moon will shine no light
To reveal the visitors ghostly sight
Lay still against the hay-strewn floor
Layered to soften the bed of the whore
Wanton lips, anxious to explore
Filled with desire and begging for more
Death removes thy bone and skin
But leaves the lust that burns within
At once the command to enter in
Begin the dance; embrace the sin
The spirit’s trance has just begun
Reaching inside the mortal one
Desire burning like the sun
Until the apparitions work is done
I would dream this dream within my dreams
Eidolon aroused in pulsing extremes
Reality is never the horror it seems
Pleasure mixed betwixt the moans and screams
They call it Incubus and Succubus
Who is the host between the two of us?
I thought thee dead and turned to dust
Yet, it is I who retreats after sated lust.
Perhaps neither of us is dead at all
Perhaps neither will answer the livings call
We retreat inside the bedroom wall
And return to haunt the master’s hall
Dead or living, living or dead
‘Tis a thought that exists inside our head
Make love to me ‘till my lust is fed
Then leave our seed upon our bed.

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