Sunday, February 5, 2017

Poem: 'Be Gone' by Laura Petellat

Be Gone
by Laura Petellat

I saw a picture of you
Eyes looming in heavy discontent
That belies
A smile, straining to be kept.

I heard words from you
"I am happy
I wish for death"
A soul perilously balanced
Leaning the wrong way

I spoke to you
Words you hear
Without reply
Faith never shown
Reverent silence as you observe.

The taste of pain
You swear you control
As you fall again
Prentending not to care
Motionless as fear of paralysis grips

Sweet bouquet of the adrenaline
You crave, in waves
Of desperation.
Drug free as your aderinaline crashes
And you beg "Serotonin please".

For want of gentle touch
Those closest may feel you,
For fear of hostility,
You beg the rest,
"Be gone."

Of all the senses
In all the world,
Yours scream familiar
Howling gails in my ears
As silence falls and we question
Why are we here?

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