Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Haunting Promise' by Kay Irvin

Haunting Promise

There, among the ginger, Autumn leaves
Where in cinder hues dance eerie eves
With crisp edges shadow gliding rush
Blown to your door and scattering crush
Know ... I am but a whisper away
There, amid the late, October rain
Where chill billows mist to window stain
With some formation memory holds
Inscribed reach through your slit curtain folds
Know ... I am but a whisper away
You are not mad, who dream when awake
The witching hour makes no mistake
There, as the tall clock chimes thirteenth bell
You will find the haunt that promised dwell
There, within the hazing before dawn
Where to morning envies ghostly swan
With cast drifting between gleam and gloom
You will not be alone in your room
Know ... I am but a whisper away

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