Friday, February 10, 2017

CD Review: THE EVIL DEAD Earth Inferno (Witches Brew) by Simon Brown

Witches Brew
Here is a release worthy of a listen for those looking for something different yet still menacing. What only can be described as “Black ‘n’ Roll,” the sound is Thin Lizzy meets Carcass. Excellently produced and gritty, this is a band which can successfully pull off alternating between Motorhead-esque rock moments then go straight into blast beats. The soloing is tasteful, the bass and drums play in unison with some nice fills and licks thrown in for good measure. The vocals match the sound perfectly and are powerfully rasped with passion. “Electric Evil Revisited” is the perfect showcase piece for this band having everything discussed. Attention to song length is also prominent with all songs apart from “They Live” above four and a half minutes which suit this band and style perfectly. Whilst this band are melodic, do not expect the Gothenburg sound here. Inspired, original song writing sets this band apart from genres which grow stale. “Forlorn” has some great progressive moments while “Madness Chimes” is more a traditional death/thrash/progressive offering. “Song of the Hunt” is a standout on this 9-track release which is just long enough length wise. Released now on Witches Brew. Highly recommended for originality. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Earth Inferno
2. Electric Evil Revisited
3. Forlorn
4. They Live!
5. Madness Chimes
6. MaraƱon
7. Song Of The Hunt
8. The Sulfur Heart
9. Chariots Of The Gods

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