Saturday, February 4, 2017

Poem: 'Narcissism' by Sarah McKellar


Glass of red wine spilled up the door,
Pin me down onto the floor,
You know you’re worthless,
You fucking whore.

Fear by night,
Control by day,
I wish I could just get away.

Continual abuse does wear you down,
You can’t pick your soul up off the ground,
Make me beg and make me plead,
Make me believe I’m worthless- so I’ll never leave.

Glass of red wine spilled up the door,
Make me believe that I’m a worthless whore.

Hands pressed against my ears,
To drown out your screams,
You made me feel worthless,
You thought I would never leave.

Emancipation is the best thing,
Strength to leave makes you worthwhile,
Do what makes your heart sing,
And what makes you smile.

Forget about hiding behind closed doors,
Nightmares happen,
But that is not you anymore.

Feel free to dance,
To laugh and play,
To wear what you want,
And say whatever you want to say.
Pin me down and make me bleed,
Your old life is behind you- do what you need.

Your life is yours- you make your own choice,
So take it and run with it- take time to rejoice.
Just never be the woman that you were going to be,
Pinned on the floor and left to bleed.

You think yourself powerful,
I will tell you- you are not,
You attack my family and declare war,
It will not be me left lying broken on the floor.

Lick the tears from my eyes that you have created,
You threatened my family- don’t claim to be devastated.
You have no control over me anymore,
You will not be leaving me crying from behind barricaded doors.

Your black hearted soul,
Will exist in my dreams,
But please bear in mind,
You forced me to leave.

The violent nightmares will not stop straight away,
You will never be able to persuade me to stay,
Leave me crying and abuse I do not need,
Ancestors advice- I will choose to heed.

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