Monday, January 8, 2018

EP Review: AGATHOCLES Back To 1987

Back To 1987
Boundless Records
Release Date: 1996
This is one of my all time favorite pieces of mince and I just realized that I have never mentioned it in a review. Agathocles have put out a plethora of records, to the point that I won't look it up because within the next forty-five minutes they will probably put out six or seven new EPs, a split and a full length. Grinding since the 80's, Agathocles are a staple deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of grind fans. On this record, the high pitched wails and low gutturals are perfect, to the point very few bands can truly replicate them. The gurgles emitted from the pitch shifter also help to delight my ears and brain with a gore-tastic experience. The drums are vicious and pounding, the guitars heavily down-tuned. The bass chugs along , always tight and immaculate. This is one of my favorite Agathocles releases, but if you enjoy this, you would probably never run out of new material to listen to. Another few favorite releases of mine from these guys would be "Bomb Brussels," or their legendary full-length release Razor Sharp Daggers. All in all, this short EP packs quite the blistering punch, a piece of musical art that will not be forgotten any time soon by myself or many others. 10/10, would headbang. Devin out. -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. big one
2. the fog
3. teachers
4. the accident
5. mutilated regurgitator
6. consuming endoderme pus
7. splattered brains
8. christianity means tyranny
9. squeeze anton
10. introtyl
11. threshold to senility

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