Saturday, January 13, 2018

Full Length Review: SAINTORMENT Defective Mind

Defective Mind
Release Date: December 30, 2017
It is just after 1 am in the morning, and as I am buzzed on whiskey with a generous supply of bud, I believe that now is the perfect time to review Defective Mind by Saintorment. Powerful wailing vocals aside the occasional deep guttural weld together well. In parts, there are cleaner "singing" vocals, which blend in nicely to the tunes overall. Lead guitars with brain-melting solos and beautiful harmonics shred alongside heavy rhythms, the bass keeping in time nicely. The drums are deep and pounding, thrash clearly a cake-walk for the talented drummer. Jokey in parts, this collection of wild thrash tunes proves to be a delight to listen to, with the potential to woo new-comers and also veterans of the thrash genre. Reminding me of Testament, Sabbat and in parts old Megadeth, this release is a must for metalheads and musicians of various ages. 9.5/10 -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. Physical Force
2. Defective Mind
3. We Are
4. Strong Enough
5. Never
6. Zerofy
7. ...Dies at the Black Night
8. Mood Pyrexia
9. Final Hour
10. Ai, kā man patīk (Bonus Track)

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