Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Preview Review: ALGHAZANTH Facing The North

Facing The North
From their upcoming full length Eight Coffin Nails.
To be released on CD format by Woodcut Records March 31, 2018
To be released on vinyl format by Woodcut Records June 2018
I am just finishing an excursion at a friend's house with home brews and grape-fruit radlers, now I am being sent an advance track called ''Facing The North'' by a band called Alghazanth. The album this song is from is titled ''Eight Coffin Nails,'' which will be their eighth and final album. This saddens me, as this is my first time hearing this band and I can honestly say that I really enjoy this. I guess I should not be too forlorn, as I do have eight entire albums to check out. This album will be released on Woodcut Records, vinyl and compact disc being the formats of choice, and once it is released I plan to listen to it in full. The song ''Facing The North'' is really well produced black metal. It still retains the cloudy and lo-fi depressive sound of what I consider ''good'' black metal, but the recording itself is much more hi-fi, as the quality is immaculate. The musicianship is professional grade and the vocals are your standard black metal rasps, yet they are done extremely well. The guitars are depressive, both heavy and melodic in parts. The drums and bass are just as awesome, flowing together perfectly with the track. I cannot make a comment on the track list or cover art, as neither are officially posted yet. I will end on a positive note, saying that this album from what I can hear sounds like it is well worth listening to. I will always have a soft spot for good black metal, and this is exactly that. Listen to ALGHAZANTH. If you are a black metal fan, you will not regret it. There are thousands of black metal bands in this modern age to listen to, but this one is pretty impressive. -Devin Joseph Meaney

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