Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fiction: THE HATRED ORB by Devin Joseph Meaney


The hatred orb surged like a beacon of malicious distress. It was responsible for all war, famine and human created disaster. It was only alive because of the evil that permeated the earth since the dawn of time. It lived off darkness, black desire it's sustenance of choice. Its black light could penetrate the hearts of even the purest individuals, leaving them feeling nothing but malaise and disdain. The only ones who could escape its dark seduction were a small faction of humans known as the light-bringers and the black ones themselves.
The light-bringers were the children of the holy light. They were the only hope that the earth had to ascend from total darkness. The black ones were the cloaked figures of an ever-growing sub-population. People of a faithless ideology, the children of the orb itself. The majority of the good people left in the world were eventually completely addled by the hatred orb, leaving the black ones to rule the lands.
Darkness descended upon humanity like a swarm of plague flies consuming a week old carcass. Riots ensued, chaos sweeping the streets. In a place where all was unholy, could light once again grace the planet? The light did not come quick, but eventually the darkness consumed itself, leaving the remaining light-bringers to plant the seeds of a new and improved world. The earth blossomed into a beautiful paradise, the ashes of a godless civilization acting as fertilizer for a better world. Like a phoenix reborn, the earth was soon fresh, clean and once again stable.
Humans would inevitably repeat their mistakes, helping complete an age-old cycle. The hatred orb would soon rule again, blocking out all light like an abysmal shroud. The curse of man is that we never learn from our mistakes, destroying all that is good as we live like animals... which in truth, is all that we are anyway.

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