Monday, January 22, 2018

Video Review: SKY & VLAD, JULY 1ST 2017 FIRE SHOW by Sarah McKellar

SVproductions13 presents a live fire show and luau performance by Eros Fyre (Sky Claudette Soto & Vlad Marco), July 1st 2017 in Westchester. Copyright 2017 SVproductions13

Magnetic and captivating are the first two phrases that immediately spring to mind when viewing the Fire Performance by Vlad and Sky (performing as Eros Fyre).
Unbelievable muscular strength, control and flexibility are displayed by Sky consistently throughout the performance- before even taking into account the added skill and professional level of the fire twirling involved. The consistent skill and creativity of Sky’s performance is both awe-inspiring and unmissable, as well as serving as genuine inspiration for anyone with even the faintest interest in fire performance.
Vlad adds a commanding, unmistakeable presence in the performance - his fire breathing and fire eating are a sight to behold. I particularly enjoyed his involvement of the audience - especially the more hesitant spectators initially. Vlad’s personality projected through his interactions with the audience seared a sense of genuine fun and enjoyment into this performance.
Vlad and Sky work together in a professional and practiced manner - especially as the performance includes Vlad using Sky’s fire tools to breathe fire remarkably close to her without a flinch from either performer.
An exceptional performance captured to perfection - I look forward to seeing more of both Sky and Vlad’s work, both individually and as Eros Fyre. -Sarah McKellar

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