Saturday, January 20, 2018

Full Length Review: IMPETIGO Horror Of The Zombies

Horror Of The Zombies
Release Date: 1992
I managed to get my computer back up and running today and the first thing I decided to do was this review. I personally think this release needs no introduction, but to those of you who are not enlightened, I introduce to you HORROR OF THE ZOMBIES by IMPETIGO. This band has put out a plethora of great releases, but this one is my favorite. An old-school splatterfest that I first heard when I was in my teens, this album helped shape my musical leanings, as this is truly how goregrind is meant to be. Metal-ish yet gurgling with insanely chaotic high pitched shrieks, along with deep gutturals and low-pitched classic-style gore vocalizations. Hell yes! The guitars are pioneer-grade, as the sound has been replicated many times by many bands, but they never ace it like Impetigo did. The bass is sludge-laden and nearing perfection, the drums keeping time and organized chaos in check. I literally love all the songs on this album, but my favorites would have to be BONEYARD, I WORK FOR THE STREET CLEANER and WIZARD OF GORE. With samples that chill the bones, these tracks are grinding perfection. The lyrics from I WORK FOR THE STREET CLEANER are stomach-churning and deliciously nefarious yet they manage to not take things too far. BONEYARD is quick and simplistic, yet it is a track I never grow tired of, destined to grace many of my playlists for many years to come. WIZARD OF GORE starts off slow and creeping, but it does not take long for a wave of violent chaos to assault your ear-drums. All of Impetigo's other songs are great too, not just on this album. I also suggest checking out Impetigo's album ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE, as it is another delectable grinding opus. Impetigo to me will always be gods of gore, their sound never to be forgotten in a scene they helped to build. All in all, I guess what I am trying to say is that the next time you are strolling through your bone-yard, you should throw on this album or others by Impetigo to add to the atmosphere. It couldn't hurt, right? IMPETIGO RULES. Devin out. -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. Boneyard
2. I Work for the Streetcleaner
3. Wizard of Gore
4. Mortuaria
5. Cannibale Ballet
6. Trap Them and Kill Them
7. Cannibal Lust
8. Defiling the Grave
9. Staph Terrorist
10. Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue

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