Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lyric Video Review: ANGUERE N.O.I.A. by Jaime Regadas

From their 2017 EP Cadeia
The Brazilian punk group ANGUERE have released a new single titled 'N.O.I.A' taken from their EP 'CADEIA'. Musically it is a short, abrupt slab of angst which succeeds perhaps a little more in evoking the mind as opposed to other senses. Like many punk groups, the sound isn't in any manner of speaking "dulcet", but neither is the subject matter expressed in the lyrics. The accompanying video is a brutal slap-in-the-face to humanity as you witness harshly disturbing scenes of homelessness, third-world poverty and children living in precarious conditions. It's obviously not a feel-good punk group, rather a group that takes their issues seriously and make bolder statements. Speaking from a strictly musical sense, they write catchy riffs that are perhaps more tempo-fluid than your average modern punk band. There are no blast-beats here and it's something you can really lock yourself into groove-wise. The production in the drums is crispy and the guitars are nicely quantized. Due to its length it's not the most suitable introduction if you're hoping to get into the group but nonetheless it will provide a decent starting template for those interested. -Jaime Regadas

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