Thursday, August 3, 2017

Video Review: ROXIN’ PALACE Monsters Love by Roberta Jean Downing

Monsters Love
From their 2017 Freaks of Society album released July 4
Vocals: Al
Guitar: Crown
Bass Guitar: Gian Roxx
Drums: Hell
I am a huge horror fan so the very beginning of the video immediately drew me in with a pair of blood arms trying to drag its body through the forest as the next scene pans to the sky with flowing clouds.
Most of the video takes place deep in the woods and sports men wearing black robes and another wearing a mask with horns. The horned man which we can either see is the leader of a satanic coven or even possibly a demon, has the other men drink from a bowl and moments later the men die from what seems to be some sort of poison leaving the demon or leader to walk away.
It was really nice to see the band singing and playing the music. They were all energetic with their singing and playing of their instruments. This reminded me much of the band Poison and other 1980’s rock and or heavy metal bands that where they were very heavy on showing themselves in their element. Most refreshing to see something other than just lyrics on a scrolling screen!
Well worth the view because it clearly shows the only love a monster knows how to convey; kill its followers and drag them to hell!
The band signed a deal with Sleazy Rider Records and the second album, Freaks of Society was released in October 2016, though the official video was released on Youtube on November 15, 2016. -Roberta Jean Downing

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