Thursday, August 17, 2017

Single Review: AMERICAN WRECKING COMPANY Everything And Nothing

Everything And Nothing
Title track from their new full length on Pavement Entertainment
If you're on the search for intoxicating, energetic metal with high immediacy I'd strongly advise you to look no further than American Wrecking Company, no doubt a group that has managed to build a cult following. Their new single, 'Everything And Nothing' is crushing. If 'amps to eleven' was ever on the verge of losing its meaning and credibility this song carries the flag for this apophthegm. Everything about it is bold and direct and you get a thrill listening to the all-pervasive crunching quality ever so prevalent in the riffs. They're a group that aren't the easiest to pinpoint but I'd say they fit into something of a progressive hybrid of punk and metal. It isn't visceral to the degree that one may consider it tied to the constrictions of primordial emotion. There is, in fact, a cerebral quality that would be enough in my estimation to prevent certain sectors from deeming it too 'brash' or 'loutish', among pejoratives one has a tendency to vouchsafe. Intricacy rears its head in a stylish, understated manner. It is set in 4/4 throughout and consistently remains in the key of B. What is most interesting is that it's based around a singular series of notes with a tendency to employ different variations which unlike other instances this technique most certainly doesn't become stale. The group emanates an all-encompassing display of energy and enthusiasm. -Jaime Regadas

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