Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Video Review: SINICLE Damnation by Jaime Regadas

From their forthcoming full length Angels & Demons
An unlikely conglomeration of ornate animation and raw heavy metal has proved itself a worthwhile experiment with the Los Angeles power trio Sinicle's new video, 'Damnation'. The video is taken from their upcoming album 'Angels & Demons', scheduled for release  September 22. The song itself is perhaps a little too short if you're using this track as a template to base your opinions of the group on. However there are elements the group manage to articulately get across in two minutes. Their defining nature is the high level of angst and grit the group relies upon. The music is tight and the rhythms are nice; the tonality of the instrumentation is lovably messy, particularly the guitar tone which is quite bonkers. While watching the video one is plagued with the inevitable question of whether its animated and seemingly jocular appeal holds compatibility with the themes expressed in the music, but strangely enough it DOES work. You get visual flashes of stick-like figures descending from the sky; it's a mixture of creepy and trippy which compliments the demanding nature of the visceral, heavy music. It's a strange combination but there's something about it that leaves one feeling oddly rejuvenated. -Jaime Regadas

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