Saturday, August 5, 2017

Video Review: REKOMA Same Old Mistakes by Jaime Regadas

Same Old Mistakes
From their forthcoming debut CD Eadem Errata (Inverse Records)
Finnish metal group Rekoma have just released an advance single off their upcoming debut album, 'Eadem Errata'. The song is called 'Same Old Mistakes' and it is a very promising single to keep listeners interested until the album hits the market on October 6th 2017. The track is superlatively melodic and has a very strong chorus. It's a very demonstrative sort of track while lyrically the themes are quite demanding due to the overbearing sense of socio-political turmoil and unrest. The guitar riffs are huge and there's a lot of interesting percussive versatility throughout the ordeal. They're a group that seem to prioritize songwriting above all else due to the fact that the song is largely verse-chorus-verse-chorus in nature. Nothing wrong about that, though, although it may be interesting to see a little bit of variation in their material to avoid it becoming too one-dimensional. But nonetheless time will surely tell! Overall it's a strong release that certainly leaves one excited for the future of the group and it certainly has left me wanting to hear more. -Jaime Regadas

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