Thursday, August 9, 2018

Film Review: Escape From New Jersey (Blinky Productions) by James K. Blaylock

Escape From New Jersey (A Snake Plissken Fan Film)
Directed by: Chris R. Notarile
Written by: Hector De La Rosa, Chris R. Notarile and Kim Santiago
Produced by: Hector De La Rosa and Chris R. Notarile
Cinematography and film editing by Chris R. Notarile
Cast: Hector De La Rosa, Kim Santiago, Roberto Lombardi, William Kucmierowski, Emmanuel Brown, Thomas Daniel and Chris R. Notarile
Release date: August 3, 2010 (internet, limited), August 31, 2010 (DVD special edition), September 26, 2010 (Sacramento Sci-Fi/Horror Film Festival)
Available for viewing on Youtube and Veoh
Being that I'm a huge John Carpenter fan it was awesome seeing Snake Plissken up to his old shenanigans. It has been a minute since I saw him last escaping anything, but somehow, he has taken on a whole different appearance. That's right, folks this is a fan-made affair. Whether Snake is pounding Jack Daniels or bad guys, we're apt to see. Somehow pissed off women and scum bags alike always gravitate towards our hero. And this is no exception.
My only beef was how the movie was filmed. By that I mean they couldn't decide if they wanted to film at daylight or midnight. Of course they could be easily overlooked. Especially since it doesn't harm the flow of the proceedings. I love the truck driver's good ol' Jack Burton impersonation. Two-for-one Kurt Russell roles. Alas, this may only be realized by hardcore John Carpenter fans. It's pretty easy to see that Chris R. Notarize must be one of them. This time Snake is dumped off in New Jersey, therefore he has to escape, giving us our title Escape From New Jersey.
Never mind the years later sequel Escape From L.A. Perhaps this wonderful effort is supposed to be sandwiched in between the two, but then again, maybe this is geared more towards people forgetting that sequel. Although I enjoyed it myself many people did not. Of course Russell was about a decade older and the dialogue was wall-to-wall E-Z cheese. Meanwhile Hector De La Rosa does a bang-up job as Snake Plissken. All in all this was a fairly fun romp. My hat's off to everyone who contributed. Great overacting. Great lame dialogue. great film and sound quality.
A wonderful continuation and not a reboot, thank God! And there you have it The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. -James K. Blaylock

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