Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'Self Amuse' by Andy Horry

Self Amuse
by Andy Horry

Who you trying to win over?
What are you trying to acquire?
Stop, take a second
And consider the path you tread.

Why are you really trying?
Why do you actually care?
Is there something you want
That’s not with you right here?

Don’t abuse, self amuse,
You cannot lose,
There’s no one but you.

Be here with life,
Let go of any fright.
Shine bright, live light.

There’s no one to impress,
Embrace the fire in your chest.

Let the embers glow
And expressions flow.
As you align with this power,
You rise up like a flower.

There’s nothing beyond the fire
That will fulfill your desire.

There is only the now
And all else is facade.

A distraction from you,
A distraction from creation,
A field of illusion that flares
Bright before your eyes.

Observe and experience,
Whilst grounded in silence.
The silence that provides a
Platform for every spark of
creation to birth into existence.

All you really need is right here,
It’s been here all along,
Yet you run, oh so tirelessly,
You flee, oh so desperately.

But you can’t run from yourself
And you’ll always be here.
Even when the vehicles gone,
You’ll still be here.

Even if the mind is gone,
You’ll still be near.
Even if you’re pissed out your head
You’ll still be over there…
At the bar of course!

But just remember this.
You are worthy.
You don’t need our approval.
You are infinite,
You don’t need that excess.
You’re a glimmering light
So let go of that fright
And embrace the moment tonight.
There’s nothing to prove,
Just get up and move, to
The sound of your heart
As it bellows to you.

The sound of chirping birds,
Followed by a gust of breeze
And a sense of completeness,
Whilst everything stands still.

Take a chance on life,
It’s taking part that counts.
It might sound cliche’
But this is the way.

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