Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'Skin Deep' by Koga Easter

Skin Deep
by Koga Easter

Look beneath my skin, tell me how deep the soul
My red rove reaching ever onward
It’s home in my chest beats for me and bleeds for you
In me this you may know yet never find
Thine eyes stay forever blind
With my roots planted to your core
Nourish, nay wilt, wilt, killing me while killing you
Your slow suicide by denial
A kiss to be seen off, a pity embrace ensuring we never truly come face to face
Your inevitable death, killing me by personal trial
Deny my vision, my eyes, they can never deny you
Our truth both yours and mine, you have only ever been my kind
Exclusively tight my hold, by heart by sight, by mind
Both day and by night
By woken moment and dream all the same
Just one touch, just one kiss, one deep embrace
A small compassion, please for me, kill my pain.

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