Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'A Mother’s Love' by Elena Karis

A Mother’s Love
by Elena Karis, January 5, 2018

What can a mother say about her only daughter?
Should she say that her daughter was blessed by beauty by Aphrodite?
She should she say that she is happy that she found love?
She should she withhold a vital truth to alter the course of her life?
Yes to all but one.
If but I had told her that one day she would betray her husband
And fall in love…
If but I had told her that one day her courage to leave and start anew would
Cause such a greedy maelstrom
Would it have mattered?
If but I would have done my duties and peered into the hearts of men that day-
Would it have made a difference?
A face so fare. A love pure and destined by Cupid.
Why then did the men set their acquisitive eyes upon a faraway land?
And set sail with a thousand ships to cross Poseidon’s domain
With no intent of reclaiming her and taking her back?
Thousands of bodies burning on pyres without relent.
Now my daughter, her husband and the heroes of old
Rest forever in my beautiful fields.

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