Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'A Gorgon's Curse' by Jerry Langdon

A Gorgon's Curse
by Jerry Langdon, 2018

I've been made of stone so long
My heart forgot how to feel.
The Gorgon's glance was so strong.
I resist but the dam won't break.
Torrid waves of tears
Beat upon these stony banks
Of my heart. Polished over the years.
Oh, how wonderful it must shine
'Twere it not locked in darkness.
This fortress of mine
Has become a prison.
Locking my feelings away
'Hind impenetrable walls.
Where the slowly decay.
Dwindle to mere wights.
Once full of life
Now shadows against lights.
That bleed into the darkness.
Only to be devoured.
The void seems endless.
It's frigid here inside
These cavernous walls.
Where my heart resides.

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