Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'For My Little Brother: JW' by Heather Dawson

For My Little Brother: JW
by Heather Dawson

You come and go a cloudburst
On the hottest day

Cover me in warm rain pieces
Then you slip away

I capture all I can of you
In glass jars kept downstairs

Hide you in the corners
no one knows you're there

Take you out when I'm down open you and then
Spill you out crawl up my legs and straight into my head
You come out of me as laughs and twisted graying hair
I don't mind it serves a reminder of you being there
can't put myself in your space and you know why it's true
this little is enough for me I could never be enough for you

This little bit's enough for me
But I could never be enough for you

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